Science can be hard. We make it easy.

Entertainment creators and scientific consultants have always had trouble communicating, they simply speak different languages. We're here to help translate.


Scientific mediation:

The perfect solution for larger productions, or individuals already working with scientific consultants, our Scientific Mediation service helps to provide a means of clear communication between scientists and creators.

It has always been important for entertainment professionals to inject as much real science and engineering ideas into even the most fantastical of stories. And with the rise of science deniers and misinformation the world over, it's more important than ever to depict these things responsibly. The problem here though is that when creative types try to liaise with experts they have a tendency to misunderstand each other. Academics often do not realize what kind of concepts will translate to film or will work with the intended story. And at the other end of the table, creatives will often run with ideas far past their realistic ends or seize on especially visual concepts with little regard to their accuracy. This has led to plenty of cringe-inducing moments throughout cinematic history, and frankly, shouldn't happen anymore.

That's where The Sci-Fi Guy comes in. With an intensive background in the sciences and a deep understanding of Hollywood and the creative process, we work with both parties to limit the amount of misunderstandings and ensure the best possible product is made.

Science is, in the best and strictest sense, glorious entertainment.
— Jacques Barzun, "The House of Intellect"

Breakdown of service

  • Mediate discussions and idea building between scientists and creators.

  • Speed up the scientific consulting process.

  • Research and fact checking script elements.

  • Experience with all areas of production.