Science can be hard. We make it easy.

With an intensive scientific background and a web of expert contacts across multiple industries, The Sci-Fi Guy is a great scientific consulting choice for productions of any size.


Individual consulting:

Why not skip the middle-man altogether and hire someone who already knows the jargon, goals, and limitations of the entertainment medium to help you build an exciting and scientifically accurate project from the start? With access to experts and cutting-edge research in a variety of disciplines, whatever the challenges of your script may be, we can help you overcome them.

Though suitable for productions of any size, we pride ourselves on working with independent projects and one-on-one with screenwriters who wouldn't traditionally have the budget to hire scientific advisors. We'll sit down with you and assess your project's needs then get to work brainstorming ideas and finding inspiration from the best of real, cutting-edge science to bring your vision to life. With the unique ability to impart complex ideas to an artistically-minded audience, we can give you the help and know-how to accurately portray even the most complicated of technical concepts and bring your project a strong sense of scientific credibility.

The object of science is knowledge; the objects of art are works.
In art, truth is the means to an end; in science, it is the only end.
— William Whewell, "The History of the Inductive Sciences"

Breakdown of service

  • Customized consulting for your individual project's needs.
  • Flexible pricing for all kinds of budgets.
  • Brainstorming sessions and providing inspiration.
  • Research and fact checking script elements.
  • Extensive web of expert contacts across various technical industries.
  • Experience with all areas of production.